Alpha RC2 v1.2 UPDATE
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Saturday, 04 October 2008
After about a week since the last update, I'm here to bring you the next update to Project Valkyrie.

This update will upgrade the first Alpha RC2 (v1.0) release, as well as v1.1 up to v1.2.
Dedicated Server update also available!

Some of the fixes/changes in this update include:

* Updated player/weapon/ball textures
* 3mm_twinbridges updated with fixes/changes that were listed on the forum back in february
* 3mm_twinbridges now has CTF support, and CTF is part of the default mapcycle
* Added missing flag materials
* fixed map change client crash
* tweaked some more weapon variables
* fixed missing key binds from options menu
* revamped super charge powerup, it now maximizes all of your burst and frost energy, and doesn't drain it while you're using it!
* a few other misc fixes

Get the updates Here:
Client [Windows] - Update from v1.0 or v1.1 ALPHA RC2
<a href="">PV Alpha RC2 1.2 Update</a> [ mirror #1: <a href=""></a>]

Dedicated Server [Linux & Windows] - Update from v1.1 ALPHA RC2
<a href="">PV Alpha RC2 1.2 Dedi Update</a> [ mirror #1: <a href=""></a>]
Hope to see you in game!
Alpha RC2 1.1 Update + Dedicated Server
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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Hey guys,

We’ve uploaded the new Project Valkyrie UPDATE - this update *REQUIRES* the full Alpha RC2 install (in windows!)

Quick Changelist:
* Added new flag models
* updated the sample map with full CTF functionality
* New scoreboard
* Fixed the Chat Sound
* Other minor fixes

Alpha RC2 Update 1.1 - Win32 [ Mirror #1: ]

Dedicated Server:
Dedicated Alpha RC2 1.1 - Win32 & Linux [ Mirror #1: ]

Dedciated Notes: To setup PV in dedicated server you must install tf2, and then unpack project valkyrie to the ‘orangebox’ folder under srcds_l

Notes: The linux server has only marginally been tested. If you get crashes, I URGE you to please let me know on the PV forums!!

Hope to see some servers up soon!!

Project Valkyrie ALPHA RC2 Out!
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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

After nine months, Blackened Interactive is here to bring you an alpha release (The first release was a beta, this one is an alpha, in other words, it's not 'complete' like the first release was) of Project Valkyrie.

Many months have passed, but Valkyrie hasn't gotten our full attention, with other projects on the go and Valkyrie's first release as successful as it was, we haven't put nearly as much time into it as we did in the beginning. With that said, we're please to give you a peak into what we have planned in store for the future!

I now present you an ALPHA of RC2 - Why release an alpha? Simply put, it's been nine months. Things didn't go as planned initially, certain key members of Blackened found themselves in new jobs and haven't been around.  This release is purely the culmination of mine, Mike "CornetTheory" Hillard, and Stefan "Winston" Bermig's work. (Plus of course all previous work before-hand!)

First up is the windows full install - Project Valkyrie now runs off of 'Source SDK Base 2007' instead of Team Fortress 2, so now you do not need to own TF2 to play it. Within the next week or so (if time permits) I shall get a dedicated server for windows, and MAYBE a linux dedicated server functioning as well. For now, this shall do!

Current File Locations: [Mirror #1:] [Mirror #2:]

A brief list of the changes in this release as are follows:
- 4 new weapons - 2 of which are charge combos
- lots of values tweaked
- team modes are in, but only team deathmatch is featured on our maps
- a new map which is still in the works: 3mm_solar, by Mike is included purely in Alpha state. It is by no means complete, we have a lot of prop work to do on it, as well as details, and fine tuning, so please don't hold it up as a finished product, as it is not!
- new reserve energy tank - this may in the future become a pickup instead of always there
- delay between both boosting in ball form, and charge shots has been reduced

As always, report any bugs you find, unlike the first release, this may contain a lot more!!

Mappers: There is a lot to explain on the new entity and team mode systems, CTF does work, we just don't have models and whatnot created for it. We will need to make a new guide, but for now, po st in the forums and I'll help you!

Thanks for all your support, and hopefully I'll see some of you around!

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